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Presence and Negation: Haunting of absence

“Presence does not die with physicality, but rather, exists to us as various mental and/or emotional specters (a non-presence but certainly not a no presence)” Maccionni-

Ghosts are always temporal…. they are AFTER life, existence is contingent. Without time, there is no being. Mark Fisher says that “What is important about the figure of the specter, then, is that it cannot be fully present it has no being in itself but marks a relation to what is no longer or not yet’’ (What is Hauntology)

Ghosts and plague: centuries of colonial occupation moved like the Covid 19 virus, or any plague, jumping from host to host, taking what it needs to survive, leaving death in its wake, and mutating as it goes. The history of capitalism is the history of haunting… specters of voices and bodies left absent from our histories that never disappear. They linger after the disease has gone. It is time for a resurrection.

The father told the story
The boy fell out of the sky and the mother the sister and the wife
They were all cursed with a long sadness and the rain would not stop
They wandered around the room
The room with all the bodies where nothing grew, where nothing could live
Every night they would enter and wander
They were searching for the boy
They were waiting for him
They are in the room of the dead
I confront her. “this has to stop” She is sobbing. Crying. The beams of wood, every ceiling tile begins to drip water.

All photographs and work are copyrighted

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