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About the sites of the photographs

The St. Mary’s Monastary. Otherwise known as “hell house” because ghost stories and urban legends have spread throughout the area about the location and the nefarious religious practices. According to an article, St Mary’s was once a five-story brick college building, replete with a portico and cupola.

Ellicott Mills. (Thistle Manufacturing Company/Ilchester Paper Factory) Just around the corner from St. Mary’s Monastery is the old Elliott Mills. The 100 employee mill building was built of local granite, along with at least five stone buildings to support laborers and a general store. The two remaining stone cottages are all that remain today of those buildings.

The locations were selected because of their significance in the intersecting realms of spirituality/religion and industry/technology. The photographs included detached artificial human body parts “curated” in various positions within the sites, inviting a disruption of wholeness, of composition ….to consider the de-composition of the body relative to an existential crisis of the spirit and re-“composition” of the body as “dead labor” in our post industrial world.

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