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Posthuman Museum of Haunting: Spaces and places of the monstrous, the spectral, and the un/dead in a (post)Covid-19 world of bio capitalism

This site (part of a Lakehead University juried exhibit) includes original photographs (see copyright rules) assembled in connection with a framework of “hauntology (Derrida, 1993). Each image/word combination evokes a “monstrous theory” (author, 2019) in a world haunted by Frankenstein’s creatures and ghosts of the future. Haunting speaks of that which is “absent” and that which is possible. The project invites viewers to consider what it means to “exist” (or not) in the intersection of: posthumanism, global (revenge) capitalism (Haiven, 2020) and plague.

The website museum includes photos of abandoned places and graffiti (haunting of the past), collaged with words and art — depicting haunting of the future (such as debt, technology, Covid-19); both placed in “present time” for the bodied witness to experience. It raises questions about the empty spaces, abandoned during COVID 19, asking “are public spaces ‘dead?’” The museum invokes the remains: ghosts, bones, undead memory, and haunting of the once-human. 

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